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Lithothame 100 capsules


For remineralizing and deacidifying.

Beneficial for its base and mineralizing powers, thanks to its high calcium carbonate rate.


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Recommendations for use: 1 capsule for morning, noon and night.

Counter indications: known intolerance to one of the components

Side effects: none known at present if the recommendations for use are respected

Composition: Best part of Lithotamnium calcareum

Lithothame is a marine resource with unique micro-nutrients because it has at least 19 micro-nutrients and nutrients (calcium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, zinc, copper, manganese, cobalt….).  It allows for the complete remineralization.

Thanks to its basic composition (pH equal to 9) and its easily assimilated components (calcium carbonate), lithothame helps in the acid-base maintenance and balance of the body.

Calcium carbonate is an excellent anti-acid and neutralizes gastric acidity (stomach pains, burning, gastric reflux…) and the body’s acidity (tissue acidosis) found in the body’s numerous ailments (rheumatism, tendinitis, demineralization, cramps, sciatica, gingivitis, chronic fatigue…)

Lithothame and bones:

Calcium is crucial to bone mineralization; it ensures their growth, maintenance and strength.  Calcium carbonate richness of lithothame, provides calcium in an easily assimilated form.

The richness and quality of its minerals in calcium carbonate as well as micro-nutrients, in addition its anti-acid action confirms the importance of lithothame in all kinds of osteoporosis treatment.

For these reasons, lithothame is recommended for its beneficial effects on bones and cartilage.