Laboratory Aroma Celte: who are we?

Dear Customers,


I am proud to present Aroma Celte Company, its product range and our company philosophy.

In the course of my 15 year career as a naturopath and homeopath I used seaweed and essential oils to treat ph-imbalances and other conditions. I subsequently came up with the idea of combining the 2 elements and developing firstly the capsules and afterwards the drinkable concentrate and the sprays. I am eager to share this knowledge and expertise with you and to demonstrate an exciting, innovative and safe product range.

The company is based in Brittany in France and all our products are made in France and are made of organic or natural essential oils.


Why essential oils?

Essential oils are extracted from aromatic plants by steam distillation. The extraction comes from the plants themselves and therefore provides a high concentration of active ingredients.

This blend of essential oils creates a synergy of beneficial qualities.

The essential oils are for oral consumption and can be taken safely whilst respecting the recommended dosage.

Our products :

Capsules : I used all the benefits of locally sourced seaweed, Lithotamne, which encourages the assimilation of essential oils and regulates the ph balance. The oils used have been carefully chosen for their beneficial qualities.

Advantages: Encapsulating essential oils is a unique and innovative concept which allows the ingestion of essential oils safely. In addition, there is no gastroesophageal reflux and the oils remain unharmed by the digestive juices, thereby promoting a more efficient intestinal absorption.


Drinkable concentrate: After 3 separate distillations by water, alcohol and glycerine, the essential oils and fresh plants extracts are prepared and are ready to be consumed in an alcohol-free concentrate which is diluted with water.

Advantages: highly concentrated product.


Sprays : They were developed with essential oils and vegetal oils to be applied locally.

Advantages:quick relief on sensitive area. Our Aroma Celte team would be delighted to offer you health and lifestyle advice and assistance.

Hoping that this range of products will contribute to improved health and fitness,

Sincerely yours,

Bruno Obriot

Founder and CEO of Aroma Celte

Naturopath and Homeopath


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